Hello and welcome to the Blue Valley Southwest Baseball Dugout Club! The BVSWDC is the parent booster club for the BVSW Timberwolves High School Baseball Program. The Dugout Club Executive Board works in collaboration with the BVSW Head Baseball Coach, Tyler Kincaid. Our goal is to support the players and coaches with any additional fundraising, off the field assistance and volunteer opportunities that might exist.

We are excited for the 2022 season as we look to support the players and coaches and build upon a great baseball tradition at BVSW! We strive for 100% participation among our families as the dues go directly to support the kids and their baseball experience at BVSW. Dugout Club dues are used to fund additional equipment/gear for team, supplemental team meals and travel, as well as for recognition awards and senior gifts.

Dugout Club Membership is $150 per player. Dugout Club dues are used to fund the  tickets to the Diamond Dinner, tickets to the end-of-season cookout, player action photos, recognition awards, senior gifts, and supplemental team travel fees. To join the Dugout Club, please complete the Dugout Club Enrollment Form. Payments can be made via check or Venmo (@BVSW-Dugoutclub).

You can also sign up via our google doc by clicking here.

We encourage all families to join the Dugout Club today! We depend on each of you to support the BVSW Baseball Program. Thank you in advance for your generous support through paid dues and volunteer efforts.

2022 BVSWDC Executive Board:

President – Buddy Clark

Vice President – Jeff Shinkle

Treasurer – Tom Buchman

Secretary – Muffet Eskra

Committee Chairs – Amie Bybee, Pam Shinkle, Aaron Farrell, Michelle Kelly, Debbie Clark, Heather Phillips, Michele Swickard, Rhonda Moore, John Coats, Muffet Eskra

BVSW Baseball Dugout Club Contacts:
– Dugout Club main e-mail: bvswdugoutclub@gmail.com
– Twitter: @SWDugoutClub